B. B. Warfield

B. B. Warfield

Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield (1851-1921) – Pastor, biblical scholar, and theologian, B. B. Warfield was born near Lexington, Kentucky in 1851. He studied at the College of New Jersey and afterwards enrolled as a student at Princeton Theological Seminary.  Following the premature death of A. A. Hodge in 1887, Warfield accepted the call to Princeton and began a distinguished teaching and publishing career. Soon after marrying Annie Pearce Kinkead, they went to Europe for an extended honeymoon and study trip.  While they were there an event occurred that would forever change the Warfield’s lives. Walking one day, they were caught in a violent thunderstorm. Annie suffered a severe trauma to her nervous system from which she never fully recovered. Because of her extraordinary needs, Warfield seldom left his home for more than two hours at a time during all those years of marriage.  In the providence of God, it was the nature of his wife’s illness and his devotion to her, that ironically provided the greatest impetus for his massive literary output. 

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