20th Century

20th Century

Legacy of the Saints from the 20th Century


Dr. R. C. Sproul – served Christ for more than sixty years. Never one to stand down when the gospel itself was at stake, R.C. tirelessly labored to defend the truth. He was a gifted communicator, and his ability to make complex topics easy to understand was evident throughout his teaching.


Dr. James I. Packer – is one of the preeminent evangelical theologians today.  He currently serves as the Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. An ordained Anglican minister, he holds a D.Phil. from Oxford University and is the author of several works.  His thoughts remain high longing for heaven, but with feet firmly planted here expanding the soul of Christ’s bride.


Dietrich Bonhoeffer – was a German pastor, theologian, known for his resistance to Nazi dictatorship, including vocal opposition to Hitler’s euthanasia program and genocidal persecution of the Jews.  He was accused of being associated with the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, and was quickly tried, and then executed by hanging on 9 April 1945 as the Nazi regime was collapsing.

Bonhoeffer’s Christmas letter from prison


Aiden (A. W.) Tozer – Walking home from work one day, he heard a street preacher say, “If you don’t know how to be saved, just call on God.” When he got home, he climbed into his attic and did just that.  His countenance was stern but his sense of humor was warm.  His deep devotion, and dependence on the Holy Spirit—made him a servant of God that pointed people to the beauty of Jesus Christ.


J. Vernon McGee – Bible teacher, theologian, and radio minister.  He is most known for his series “Thru the Bible Radio Network” program.   In a systematic study of each book of the Bible, he took his listeners from Genesis to Revelation in two and a half years.   After retiring from the pastorate in 1970, he created another study of the Bible in a five-year period.  It is still broadcast on Trans World Radio throughout the world every weekday.


Bob Jones – was an American evangelist, pioneer religious broadcaster and the founder and first president of Bob Jones University.  Jones came from a devout christian family.  At age 12, Jones was made Sunday School superintendent, and held his first revival meeting.  At 13. he built a “brush arbor” shelter and organized his own congregation of 54 members.  By age 15, Jones was a licensed circuit preacher.  Jones became concerned with the secularization of higher education and the great need for an orthodox Christian college.  The story of Bob Jones University began December 1, 1926.


Joni Eareckson Tada“After 50 years in a wheelchair, I still walk with Jesus.”On July 30, 1967, Joni dove into the Chesapeake Bay, misjudging the shallowness of the water.  She fractured her fourth and fifth cervical and became paralyzed from the shoulders down.  Today, Joni ministers internationally to people with disabilities, and her message is simple:  There are more important things in life than walking. than using your hands.  And that is having a heart that’s free of the grip of sin and pride.


Clive Staple (C. S.) Lewis – British novelist, academic, lay theologian, broadcaster, lecturer, and Christian apologist.  He was raised in a religious family that attended the Church of Ireland.  He became an atheist at age 15, and described his young self as being “angry with God for not existing’.  Lewis took the intellectual, long road to salvation.