Home Fellowship Group – Pine Grove

Home Fellowship Group – Pine Grove

In the beginning. . .


These familiar words open the Book of Genesis and give voice to one of the foundational stories of the entire Old Testament. Therefore, we began a new study for HFG’s.  This short-term DISCIPLE Bible Study is an invitation to see Genesis not simply as a story about the beginning (Creation), but as a book about beginnings. From Adam and Eve to Noah to Abraham, Genesis recounts God’s persistence in “ starting over ” with the chosen people. It is a message both timeless and timely – for God’s people still seek the assurance that God is always working to make right what went wrong “in the beginning.”

On the first TUESDAY of each month all HFG’s meet at the church to watch the video together and fellowship.  The next 3 weeks each group explores the topic in depth.

Pastor Chuck leads this home study group – for more info, please email chuck@catcpg.com



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